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Learning About Poker

Posted by katroboy pada Januari 1, 2009

Last month when I visited my friend Adam, at his house, he was playing poker with his family. He asks me to join the game but I told him that I can’t play. He laugh at me and told me If I want to learn how to play poker or just want to know all about it, he recommended me to ‘open’ the internet and browse to Online Poker Room. He said that this is the site where I can find all about poker that I want to know. I ask him why this site different from other site ‘out there’?. He answers just simple, because this site is a blog type that write by a poker players!

At Online Poker Room we will find current online poker rooms, poker room reviews and the latest technique plus tips and trick to boost our bankroll. Also we can learn basic and advanced stuff about many poker games rules such as Texas Holdem, Omaha hi and other top poker games.

Online Poker Room contains links about Online Poker Room Reviews, Casino, Slots, Rakeback and Poker Forums. Plus content that inform us about gambling news, poker gossip and rumors. So, just like Adam said, this is the blog that come in mind first when we talk about poker. And therefore, only one week later I can join with Adam and others to play poker 😀


5 Tanggapan to “Learning About Poker”

  1. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. […] Learning About Poker […]

  3. Pokermario said

    I have a large resource section on my website, as well as a forum that offers strategy tips updated regularly.

  4. koko said

    How would you find sevenpk.net irresistible? Coz Sevenpk.net is the premier online community for gambling enthusiasts to interact and learn from other like minded people. Sign up today and you will gain access to advanced gambling strategies, gambling tips, online casino reviews, bonus codes, and everything else you may need to become a more successful gambler. As a member you will enjoy access to more features and see fewer ads. Best of all, Sevenpk.net has Free Play and Real Play features for you to try and enjoy the most of it. Try Sevenpk.net NOW!

  5. Nice post! Keep it real!

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