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Tracking Your Assets

Posted by katroboy pada Januari 17, 2009

Have you ever wonder how to track your pets where it’s go? afraid loosing your car, or may be track your spouse if you felt she was cheating on you staying out late at night??? now with this latest technology called GPS Tracking you can do all of that. The innovative GPS Tracking System allows you to track your mobile assets. A GPS tracking system is a revolutionary system that allows you to determine the exact location of an individual, vehicle or any other object at regular intervals.

Actually, Geographical positioning systems or GPS Tracking has been used in the US army for quite some time. Initially it was a 2 dimensional system and was used to locate ships with the help of satellite reflection waves. A GPS tracking device used for this purpose records all the data. The data is then transmitted to a centrally located database. This transmission is generally done with the help of cellular, radio or with the help of a satellite modem embedded in the unit. This transmitted data helps in ascertaining the location of the asset on a map with the help of customized software.

The present GPS systems are far improved; the new process has miniaturized the GPS device and allowed many new features such as submarine tracking, vehicle, people or animal tracking,  and other tracking applications could you come up with. And if you think this kind of stuff will cost a lot, think again, now you can have these devices for only hundreds of dollars.


3 Tanggapan to “Tracking Your Assets”

  1. pengendara said

    when tracking, you find that she’s cheating. so, what next ?

  2. gps internet satellite system tracking…

    This enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles. The TrackBack specification was created by Six…

  3. satellite tracking…

    Any other posts related to satellite tracking? Thanks….

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