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How To Find The Right Web Hosting For You

Posted by katroboy pada Januari 20, 2009

Today in this article I want to share with you my experience about finding the right web hosting for my e-commerce web site project that I want to launch it next month. There’s hundreds -if not thousand- web hosting to choose. So, what I have to do? First I ask Google searching the best hosting out there with keyword web hosting articles, millions results shows by Google and now I must ask my self, “How can I avoid the lurch and successfully land the right low-cost host for my first time out?” First, I need to figure out exactly what I want my site to be, both now and in the future. When we have a good idea of what we need from a host, it’s time to hit the Web and start doing our homework.

Start out slow. If the host we like is a start-up with no track record, “don’t commit to too long a service contract, especially at the start”. We may pay a little more for a short-term agreement, but we won’t lose big if the host goes belly-up. If they insist on a long-term arrangement, tell them thanks but no thanks and go to the next host on our web hosting articles list.

If we select a bad host off the top, it will cost us money down the road because we’ll have to sign up with another service, which means setup and transfer costs and possibly some downtime. It’s better to make the investment into a credible host initially. So guys, always read about web hosting articles if we want our site exist for last.

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