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Fixing File Extension Problem

Posted by katroboy pada April 6, 2009

Hello guys, I want to share with you all my experience how to fix File Extension registry problem. Two days ago I install software that open and play my .mid file. That file usually opened with Microsoft Media Player, but with the limitation of Media Player, I install the MDI player applications. I Already successfully installed the software and it’s can play my File Extension mdi smoothly, but one thing came in my way, it’s not a freeware, I must purchase a licensed if I want to used it after 30 days. Because I don’t have enough money to purchase the licensed, so I decided to uninstall the applications.

The software already uninstalled, but one problem show up, now I can’t automatically open the .mdi file when I double clicked in Windows Explorer. It’s true that I can manually choose the Microsoft Media Player to play it, but it’s a little bit annoying. Then I go to the internet and search Google ask the question how to fix this case, and Google answer it with a link to a web site called computerfileextensions.com, this site over me a software that scan and fixing my registry for such case. Now, after I downloaded the application, install it and scan my registry for problem, I can open my .mdi automatically.

So, if you have the same problem with me, maybe yours File Extension TORRENT, you now know how to solve it.


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  1. cornerwelt said

    Also if you need more information you can visit the Official File-Extension Library to get to know anything about file extensions from file associations, mime types, official icons of the file extension and the applications which open them. Most problems originating from file extensions are somehow related to the registry, which is the heart of your computer. For more information about file extension mdi or file extension torrent

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