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Managing Your Document Online

Posted by katroboy pada Juni 5, 2009

If you want to send hard copy documents to others, maybe all this time you already use fax for this kind of task, but have you ever count how much you spend your money for this? i’m sure you wondering is there any way to make it cheaper? and the answer is yes. It’s call VoIP Fax , with this method you can save your expenses for fax very dramatically, because fax over ip solutions uses internet line to send the fax.

Now that you already know how to cut your fax bill, it’s time to find a solutions to make it much better. If you always dealing with sending or transferring so many hard copy documents every day, you may consider user software for this, it’s called Web Based Documents Management. With this kind of software we can transform our documents into digital and manage it over web.

This solutions can be applied in many field, maybe we can used it in Mortgage Industry Document Management, finance and banking, library or many else.


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